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Cuisine & Fruits
The food of Sanya reflects the abundance of seafood in the surrounding waters as well as the rich sources of natural ingredients on-land, many of which grow or roam wild in the lush farmlands and jungles of the interior.

Four famous Hainan dishes in Sanya

Wenchang Chicken (文昌鸡)

The precursor of the dish known around the world as Hainan Chicken, this dish comes from the city of Wenchang in the north of Hainan Island.
The chickens used in the dish are raised free-range in the Wenchang area and fed a diet of bran and coconut.
Traditionally the bird is boiled in stock and the meat served sliced on the bone. The meat is usually served with several dips and sauces.

Dongshan Lamb (东山羊)

Dongshan Mutton is so named because it is mainly produced in Dongshan Mountain of Wanning City. It is featured with oily black hair. As to the mutton, it is a delicacy featured with tender meat and thick soup. It tastes fresh and is free of sheep smell and you will find it’s so refreshing in your mouth.

Hele Crab (和乐蟹)

It is so named because it is produced in the joint water region of the fresh water and the salty water in Hele Town of Wanning City. This kind of seafood is featured with full crab extract and tender meat. The crab extract is in the color of golden yellow and looks oily with special fragrance. It tastes best if steamed and accompanied with ginger and garlic together with vinegar.

Jiaji Duck (加积鸭)

The ducks used in this dish are traditionally raised in the Qionghai area on a diet of bran and tofu. They can be served steamed, boiled or roasted. The best Jiaji duck is made using steamed or boiled duck fed with a blend of cereal, bean curd or seafood. It has thick meat, thin skin, soft bones and little fat.

Coconut and Chicken Soup

Coconut is one of the most popular fruits in Sanya, and chicken is the regular dish served in Sanya’s daily cuisine. Coconut and chicken soup is a signature Hainan dish.

Famous Hainan Rice Noodles

Sanya is well known for its rice noodles, it is a common sight to see street stands and small eateries where a delicious bowl of noodles can be picked up for just a few yuan.
There are many local variations of this basic dish – the four most well-known are Baoluo Rice Noodles (抱罗粉), Hainan Rice Noodles (海南粉), Gangmen Rice Noodles (港门粉) and Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles (陵水酸粉).


Due to Sanya’s proximity to the ocean and its expansive local fishing fleet, the city boasts a wide variety of seafood delicacies available at the many seafood restaurants and stalls throughout town. The seafood in Sanya is famous for its absolute freshness. The local restaurants offer some of the freshest catches from up and down China’s southeast coast.

Sanya Tropical fruits

Hainan, an island in southern China, has a tropical moist monsoonal climate. The island’s tropical climate makes it China’s leading producer of tropical fruits and plants. It’s the country’s largest grower of pineapples and large exporter of coconuts, sisal, tropical fruits, sugar cane and coco.

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