The 8th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE2019)
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Lying in the southernmost tip of Hainan Island China, Sanya has been renowned as the most comfortable place for living and China’s most favorable tourist destination with gorgeous natural tourist resources. As the only beachfront tropical city in China, Sanya boasts a 258 km long coastline, has a total of 19 bays and beaches, and enjoys over 20 meters of water visibility. Sanya exerts to make itself a tourist destination famous around the world for the mountains, rivers, sea and sky which are matched in perfect unison.

Sanya Location and Topography

Sanya is located on the southernmost of Hainan Island China and is ringed by continuous and rugged mountains on three sides. These expansive mountains topography divides Sanya into many parts, all surrounded by green hills and characterized by multi-featured landscapes of many different styles. Facing the South China Sea, there are a multitude of bays, each endowed with wonderful scenery. Beside the irresistible combination of a world-class beach—Yalong Bay, the Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai and Sanya bay in the urban area have the closest connection with the local citizens, while the Eastern and Western Islands serve as a gate to the South China Sea.

Sanya Climate

Sanya is characterized with tropical oceanic monsoon climate, with yearly average temperature stays at 25.4°C. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 28°C. January is the coolest month with an average temperature of 21°C. The winter is very pleasant with neither frost nor snow. Flowers are in full bloom throughout the year. Sanya thus is praised as the "oriental Hawaii ". The duration of sunshine is 2563 hours, with an annual rainfall of 1279mm in a year.


Sanya Transportation

• Sanya Flight:
Phoenix International Airport is located to the northwest of central Sanya, provides flights to 80 cities in home and abroad.
Airport Transportation: Airport Shuttle Bus and taxis can carry passengers to the downtown area as well as tourist attractions very conveniently.
• City-bus:
The bus traffic in this city is very convenient for a small city. There are buses to almost every county and tourist attraction.
• Train:
Sanya Railway Station: The station is situated in Yuxin Road in Jiyang District. It has only 5.5 miles distance from the airport. You can take Bus 8 from the airport and get off at Shui Li Da Sha Station. Then change to Bus 4 to the terminus, the railway station.
• Taxi
Traveling by taxi is a good way to get around as it is convenient and inexpensive. It is suggested to negotiate an exact fare with the taxi driver in advance for long distance travels.
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