The 8th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE2019)
Topics of Interest
Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions.
The topics of interest include but are not limited to:
(Multidisciplinary subjects are especially encouraged.)

Composite Materials
• Biomedical Composites
• Biomimetic Composites
• Carbon Matrix Composites
• Ceramic Matrix Composites
• Metal Matrix Composites
• Fibers, Matrices and Interfaces
• Multi-functional Composites
• Nanotechnology Composites
• Green Composites
• Liquid Composite Molding
• Mechanical Properties
• Composites Manufacturing
• Recycling of Composites and Sustainability
• Applications of Composites

Characterization & Testing
• Casting and solidification
• Laser processing
• Materials chemistry
• Materials forming technology
• Materials mechanics
• Mechanical behavior
• Microtechnology
• Modification technology of surface, coating technology of surface
• Polymer science and technology
• Synthesis and processing
• Thin film growth process
• Welding & joining metallurgy

• Mechanics of solid bodies
• Mechanics of fluids and gases
• Dynamics of mechanical systems
• Design and optimization of mechanical systems
• Mechanical technologies

Ceramic Materials
• Raw materials for ceramic materials – natural, synthetic, recycled
• Advanced shaping techniques
• Advanced drying and firing techniques
• Characterization of composition and microstructure
• Modeling of microstructure-property relations
• Mechanical properties of ceramics and refractories
• Thermal and thermomechanical properties of ceramics and refractories
• Refractories – raw materials, shaping and processing, characterization, application
• Electric and magnetic properties of functional ceramics
• Transparent ceramics and optical properties of ceramics
• Porous ceramics – processing, characterization, application
• Engineering ceramics including composites
• Glass and ceramics for electronics and optoelectronics
• Materials based on cement or other inorganic binders
• Ceramic materials for biological applications
• Advanced inorganic glasses with special properties
• Fibrous materials, coatings and films based on inorganic non-metallic materials

• Synthesis of Nanostructured and Nanoscale Materials
• Nanofabrication and Processing of Nanoscale Materials and Device
• Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization of Functional Materials and Bio-assemblies
• Nanoprobes, Properties of Nanoscale Materials, Nanocatalysis
• Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanocrystalline Materials, and Nanoclusters
• Superlattices, Quantum Dots, Quantum Wires, Quantum Wells, Nanoscale Thin Films
• Nanophysics, Nanoelectronics, Nano-Optics, Nanomagnetism and Nanodevices
• Nanochips, Nanosensors and Nano-integration, Nanofluidics, Nanomachining
• Nanorobotics, Nanotribology, and Novel Applications of Nanostructured Materials
• Nanobiotechnology, Biochemical Assemblies, BioMEMS, Biomimetic

Other Materials Related Topics
• Metals, alloys, coatings
• Electronic and optical materials
• Polymers and composites
• Textile materials
• Biologically active materials
• Smart materials
• Testing and analysis of materials
• Concrete and cementitious composites
• Computational Materials Science
• Innovations in Materials Technology

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